Summer Bronze

Summer Bronze

As the summer begins to draw to a close we lose sight of summer bronzed, healthy looking skin. I’ve put together some of my favorite bronzers to help try and keep the illusion alive as we roll into Autumn.


Hourglass- Ambient lighting bronzer £22-£45: This gorgeous palette features one of the bronzers that are part of the ambient lighting powders. Its formula is easy to apply and blends out well to give a subtle glow and warmth to the cheeks. I’ve just seen that John Lewis has a travel size at £22 which will last you forever if you wanted to try it out.  

Tanya Burr- Peachy glow palette-£8: At an absolute bargain, this palette gives you the perfect combination to keep that summer glow going. All 3 shades are perfect together and blend out really nicely. The bronzer can be worn subtly or built up for a stronger impact.

Mii Bronzing Highlighter: The creamy formula works perfectly on top of cheek bones and gives a gorgeous glow. Layer on top of a bronzer for a full on bronzed glow. It is almost like a rose gold tint with shimmer which creates that healthy glow. It also works extraordinarily as a cream eyeshadow.


IMG_2027From top to bottom- TanyaBurr/Mii/Hourglass

Lou x

Love: Bee Good

Love: Bee Good


As a massive lover of Bees, I thought I would give the Bee Good range a go! Their products are the only British premium skincare brand to exclusively use British beeswax, Honey, and propolis, and so with my very sensitive skin at the moment, I was very excited to see how they would work.


I am a big big fan of cream cleansers and this one is wonderful! At £11.50 you get exactly what you pay for- a gentle cleanser that smells delicious removing makeup and impurities leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth. The cleanser contains British wild flower honey, nourishing British crambe oil, and British Propolis. The Propolis has healing and antimicrobial meaning that it is perfect for problematic skin as it stops bacteria from spreading. Rich in vitamins B, C, and E it also makes it a natural skin healer. The cleanser comes with a muslin cloth which you rinse with warm water to remove the cleanser from your skin. I would highly recommend this cleanser!


In addition to the cleanser, I also decided to pick up the cleansing water (£10). After cleansing, I use the water to refresh my skin and get rid of any remaining makeup. It is gentle enough  to use around the eyes, and if kept in the fridge, is really refreshing and hydrating. I currently have some bad eczema around my eyes and this has helped to calm it down.


The last thing I picked up was the intensive hand repair. The thick formula instantly relieves dry, chapped hands and leaves them feeling soft and smooth. I have also been using this as a foot cream and on dry eczema. It has a gorgeous fragrance that isn’t too overpowering and has a great pump making it easy to use. It contains beeswax, shea, and cocoa butter to combat dryness and is £12. It is well worth the little extra expense and like all of their products supports British Bees.

I would highly recommend trying out the bee good range and supporting British Bees!

Lou x




Review: Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Foundation

Review: Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Foundation


Can a foundation really be magic? The hype around Charlotte Tilbury’s foundation has been overwhelming! Every blogger, vlogger, and YouTuber seemed to get it and LOVE it expressing it all over their platforms making everyone who saw it want it! But what is it that makes it so magic? And is it really worth the hype? Not owning any other products from her range I wanted to start with base products and branch out from there.

I decided to purchase the Magic Foundation in 3 fair after using the foundation finder on the website. That really is amazing and makes an online purchase so much easier! I managed to get a shade that matches my skin perfectly, as well as The Retoucher to match.


First off the packaging of course. That really is magic and sends you into makeup heaven. The bottle is clever in the way you can remove the top and uncover a pump, or you can screw off the lid and tip it out onto the back of your hand for a larger amount.

I tend to use the pump when using it. It pumps out quite a lot and is quite thick but this quickly and easily blends out when you apply it on your skin. The coverage is great leaving you with fresh, radiant, dewy skin that isn’t too glowy.


It definitely lasts all day which is a massive bonus. I have danced in it and it stays put and feels comfortable. I would also say that it does give you perfect looking skin. But, a couple of claims that I wouldn’t agree with is that you can definitely feel it on the skin when you apply it and have to wait a while before that feeling of it goes away. If not applied with a moisturiser or primer before hand I don’t feel like it blends out as well or looks right? Maybe that’s why it goes with the range of the magic creams. Despite this, I have been really enjoying wearing the foundation and applying it in the morning. If anything, it reminds me to do a cleanse, tone, and moisturise before applying my makeup. It 100% covers up redness and blemishes and gives you that perfect skin feeling. So maybe it is magic after all! It is the perfect foundation to get rid of that dull winter skin and get you feeling great for spring and summer.


The retoucher is also amazing. It is referred to as a conceal and treat stick that really does banish blemishes and uneven skin tone. It is highly pigmented with colour correction and works well with the foundation for an all over perfect finish. When applying the product I swipe it onto the skin using the pen and blend it with a brush. It very easily blends in and creates a natural yet flawless finish. I also enjoy using the concealer by itself for days where I want my makeup to be lighter and more natural.

So the ultimate answer to whether a foundation can be magic is yes. It covers all the bases that you want a foundation to do and works perfectly for day to day uses as well as special occasions. All I can say is that now I have tried some of Charlotte Tilbury’s products I want to try more!

Lou x








A Few of My Favourite Things, Feb

A Few of My Favourite Things, Feb

IMG_0940Can you believe that we are already in March! February has gone and Spring is upon us and I cannot wait for some sunshine! But before we jump into March I thought I would share some things I loved throughout February.

Jack Garratt- Phase
I recently discovered the Album ‘Phase’ by Jack Garratt from hearing the song ‘worried’ on the radio. He has also just won a Brit for Critic’s Choice Award and so decided to give the whole album a listen. If you like electric guitar, drums, keyboards, and a bit of friendly R&B electro pop then I would highly recommend giving this a listen. My choreographic brain screams MOVE because it just makes you want to dance to it and groove about. There isn’t one song on the album that I want to skip and is constantly on. I can’t recommend it enough if you like that kind of sound.


Liz Earle- EyeBright
After a long tiring day all you want to do is remove your makeup, get into your PJs and relax. After cleansing my face I use Liz Earle’s eyebright to remove any stubborn eye makeup and to also make my eyes feel refreshed, clean, and revitalized. The formula is really soothing and gentle so if your eyes are feeling tired and irritated this will instantly calm the situation.I have been using this all month by soaking two cotton pads in the lotion and pressing onto my eyes. After about 30 seconds I wipe away any left over makeup and that’s it! Pretty simple and works wonders.


Cowshed- Wild Cow Body Lotion
I have been a big fan of Cowshed for many years, and so when I looked in my stash of body lotions for a new one to use I instantly picked up the Wild Cow one! With essential oils of lemongrass, ginger and rosemary the smell is really uplifting and just puts a smile on your face. It is nice and creamy and feels luxurious on the skin. Also containing shea butter and cocoa butter it keeps your skin soft and silky for the whole day. If these scents don’t sound like your kinda thing then check out the other types of cows they have to offer.


The Body Shop- Jasmine & White Frangipani Room and Linen Spray
Sticking to the theme of relaxing my next favourite is a room spray that makes your room smell like a spa! (heart eye emoji). You only need a few spritz and your room smells heavenly. I’ve enjoyed using this after cleaning up my room and making my bed and this just ties it all together. The spitz also contains fair trade honey which is a lovely touch.



getbuzzing- banana nut free flapjack
What I love so much about these flapjacks is that they are only made from natural ingredients, and they taste amazing! When you get that peckish feeling in the afternoon this fills the spot and gives you the energy you need to survive the rest of the day. There are lots of different flavours to pick from and come in packs of three.

And that’s everything!
Hopefully, I will be able to do this every month and come up with some exciting new products,
Lou x

My Little Home Box

My Little Home Box

IMG_0817For the month of February My Little Box is all about your home. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to find when opening it up and was still unsure when I had opened it.

Although this month’s box did have lots to offer, for me, it was just a bit ‘meh’.
When opening it up this month’s quote was framed in a very pretty blue frame, and the quote was double sided. When trying to inspect the other quote the frame was quite difficult to open up and in doing so it broke. I know that for the price your not going to get a good quality frame so to speak. However, I did expect it to be a little better than flimsy cardboard.


You also received a pillow case which is double sided. The print is geometric on one side and blue with white polka dots on the other. The cushion is nice but again I don’t think the quality is that great. I would perhaps use it as a dust bag or try and find another use for it.


One thing I did really like about this month’s box was the magazine all about home improvements and interior design. I have just started an interior design course and so this has lots of cool ideas that are quite easy to achieve.


The beauty products I received were an English Leaf body cream from Mitchell and Peach, the Noxidoxi mask and peel face mask, and a morning moisturiser from My Little Beauty. If you read my post from last month’s box then you will know that I actually received the face mask in the last box so to get the same product twice in a row was a real disappointment. The body cream smells quite nice so I am looking forward to using that in the spring/summer months as it doesn’t suit this time of year, and the easy morning face cream is light and felt smooth on the back of my hand.

When looking at other people’s Instagram’s from this month’s box, I noticed that there were other products put in people’s boxes that I had already received.
Considering the amount of brands that My Little Box are associated with you would imagine that the boxes would be changed up every month but I feel like this month was a recycling process of lots of left over products from previous boxes.


And that was everything! Overall definitely not the best box in the world and I feel a bit disappointed. I decided to unsubscribe until I find out what is in next month’s box because at the moment I have received so many body creams from them I don’t know what to do with all of them!

If you are subscribed to My Little Box what do you think!

Lou x

Love: Clarins Instant Radiance Collection

Love: Clarins Instant Radiance Collection

Review of the new additions to the Clarins Instant Radiance Collection:


Whilst walking past the Clarins stand I noticed the new Instant Radiance Collection. These products are the new additions to the Instant light range that Clarins already have.

I am already a big fan of the instant light natural lip perfectors so wanted to try some of the new items added to the collection. This is part of the spring/summer 2016 range, and it all looks very pretty!

It includes four shimmery eye shadows that are a cream to powder formulation, new colours of the Joli Rouge lipsticks, a five eye shadow neutral palette, ‘Be long’ mascara, an instant light under eye concealer, and two new shades of the instant lip perfectors.

I decided to pick up one of the eyeshadows in the shade silver pink, a Joli Rouge lipstick in Raspberry, and the concealer.


Shimmery Eye Shadow: Silver Pink. -£19

The pigmentation of the eyeshadow is great and lasts really well. You can create a natural daytime look with a light sweep across the eye lid or enhance it by blending all over with a dark chocolate brown in the crease. There are definitely cheaper alternatives on the market, however, the eyeshadows come in pretty dainty pots with different metallic lids, and the staying power is great.

Joli Rouge Lipstick: Raspberry. -£19.50

I am a big big fan of the Joli Rouge lipsticks and if you are a Clarins fan you probably know why. Their lipsticks glide on really well and stay on throughout the day. The light gold packaging adds a really elegant touch as well as there being a good range of colours to choose from. They are very moisturising which is great for this time of year, and are nice and creamy in formula. The only thing I will say is that when you flick through the colour range online, it is very inaccurate to the colour when you swatch it. If buying, I would recommend going in store so you can see the colours properly.

Instant Concealer -£21.50

I’m not really a foundation fan as I don’t like wearing heavy products on my skin. When looking at this foundation, it says how the coverage is medium/full but is lightweight on the skin. Its primary purpose is to be an undereye concealer, but it can also be used on blemishes and uneven skin tones. On first use, I didn’t like it as the coverage was pretty full on! But, I then realised you needed the smallest pea-sized amount to get the coverage you want without the ‘cakey’ feeling. It has now become part of my everyday makeup routine and I use it with two other concealers to get a lightweight but full coverage all over my skin.


All of the products definitely give the glow factor that you want your skin to have at this time of year and I feel like they can be transition pieces throughout the spring and summer. Above are some of the other products that I use every day to complete the look.

Clarins have a whole page on the new products which you can check out here:

Instant Radiance, Spring Makeup Collection

Lou x

Love: My Little Wish Box

Love: My Little Wish Box


The new My Little Box is in! YAY! And this month it’s all about what you are hoping to happen during the year ahead. This month’s box is gorgeous and I am very excited to try everything inside and show you what is in it!


As usual, when you open the box it has a quote inside. I love this one as it sets up your motivation for the year and will look beautiful on your dressing table or desk. I am looking into redecorating my room this year and want to hang up several of the quotes delivered by my little box and put them in cute frames. The way that they package up the boxes as well can’t help but make you smile 🙂


Inside there are lots of great items! There is a lovely diary, filled again, with motivational quotes for each month, a REN micellar water which I am very excited to try, a Noxidoxi face mask which you apply and peel off, a My Little Beauty lip balm, and a bracelet for you and your friends!


I love how dainty this little bracelet is as well as the ribbon being my favourite colour! There are four other bracelets that come in the box each with little quotes on. You simply rip the cardboard apart so they section up and give them out!

I think this month’s box might just be the best one yet, but, I am known to say that about everyone that comes along!

Lou x

Love your skin!

Love your skin!

 ‘Great looking skin should be within everyone’s
grasp and with the right tools and information
it needn’t be hard or tricky to achieve’
Liz Earle.

Loving your skin can be a rather tricky process as a teenager especially when it isn’t how you want it. I have had quite problematic skin in the past and even to this day, but finding the right skin care products can make your life so much easier. I feel like over the past couple of years of getting into make-up and skincare I have finally found a skincare routine that works for me and am finally loving my skin again! Here are the products that have really helped me out, and hopefully might help you as well…


  1. Cleanser/ Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish -£15.50

    Before finding cleanse and polish I was using cleansers that were completely stripping my skin and leaving it tight and dry. All of these products were meant for oily/blemished skin which was how my skin was at the time, and so I thought that those were appropriate. From using these products it was actually taking so much oil out of my skin that it was trying to reproduce so much more to compensate for what was being taken out of it. I then discovered cleanse and polish…
    -A completely naturally produced organic product that you massage into dry skin. You then rinse the muslin cloth under hand hot water and wipe away all your make-up and worries of the day!-
    I never in a million years would have believed that this product would be the one to seriously help my skin! Its creamy wonderfulness wipes away make-up brilliantly, leaves your skin super soft, and brings a great glow as well!
    At this time of year Liz Earle have so many christmas gift sets so you can try a bit of everything, but if I were to advise you on buying anything it would be the starter kit which comes with a full sized Cleanse and Polish and 2 muslin cloths.

    2. Exfoliate/ Liz Earle Gentle Exfoliator -£15.75

In addition to Cleansing your skin it is important to exfoliate any dead skin cells away. The Liz Earle one is used in the same way as Cleanse and Polish in which you apply to dry skin and massage in. The jojoba beads in the exfoliator gently remove all the dead skin cells whilst cocoa butter and sweet almond oil keep your skin feeling lovely and soft. I try to exfoliate twice a week as it helps with the appearance of my skin as well as my make-up sitting so much better.


3. Tone/  Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic -£14.50

By now you can properly see a pattern start to emerge but I promise the post does feature other brands! For me, I hate putting anything onto my face that is going to leave a ‘film’ of product over my skin. I just can’t stand the feeling of it and with some toners I can have this issue. With this natural skin tonic I use it after cleansing my face to remove any make-up that might have been missed, as well as to revitalise and sooth the skin. I normally buy the version that is in a spritzer bottle as it makes me feel refreshed and calm. In the image above you can see the miniature version of it which you can buy in a set which is perfect for new starters.

-I would also just like to mention here that before using this product I used the toner in the Clinique three step system which left my skin in a horrible state! If you also suffer from sensitive/acne prone skin then try a system that is more organic and natural for the skin. If like me you are on a student budget then go to boots and find an alternative that goes along the same guidelines like the ‘yes to’ range or the ‘simple’ range. You may find that your skin prefers these kinds of natural products. Another thing is that if your skin starts to break out when using these products before it starts getting better it is OK! This tends to happen to a lot of people and then they can’t believe the difference. Skin is a funny old thing.-

4. Serum/ Origins Original Skin -£15

I first picked this up when I saw a picture of Tanya Burr talking about it on the Origins stand and when I went over to look at it I basically just brought it straight away. This turned out to be the best decision of my life.. no lie.
This serum is targeted for people in their teens and early 20’s who are having a ‘mid-quater life crisis’. All I do is use two pumps to cover my entire face which is plenty, and massage it into my skin. It smells gorgeous, is smooth and silky from the willow herb, and sinks in immediately. This has really helped with blemishes, scarring, deleting any dullness, and shrinking pores. As soon as it runs out I IMMEDIATELY have to buy another one as I can notice the difference in my skin when not using it. I cannot tell you just how much I love this product and urge you to try it straight away!
If you go to any Origins stand they are very good at allowing you to trial the product before you buy it so if you are looking to add a serum to your skincare regime then go and check this out! 


5. Eye Cream/ Origins GinZing Eye Cream -£20

An eye cream in your teens isn’t really essential, however I wanted to include it as I have just introduced it into my skincare. Unlike the rest of my skin my eyes can get quite dry and this can effect applying make-up. This GinZing eye cream is appropriate for brightening and de-puffing as well as injecting in some well needed moisture! What’s more is that it smells absolutely incredible! For £20 you get a lot of product so is well worth the money and I have really enjoyed using it. You can also use this as a highlighter which I am yet to do but can see the appeal because of the appearance of it in the pot.


6. Moisturiser/Micellar Water Garnier’s Micellar Cleansing Water -£1.99 and Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins -£35
With the Micellar water I feel like this is great for getting rid of any eye make-up that just won’t budge or if you are feeling really lazy and want to take it all off in a couple of swipes without using a cleanser. With a Micellar water I don’t feel like you really need to invest as they all serve the same purpose and work quite well.
However, with a moisturiser I feel like finding the perfect one is a bit of a big deal as it is going to help so much with your skin. The Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins was a free gift with purchase (pretty good if you ask me), and so I am currently giving that ago.
As it is a night cream the formula feels rich and luxurious on the skin and is so far so good, but I want to report back with a separate post to give a review.
I have also tried the mega-mushroom cream in a small trial pot which my skin seemed to really enjoy so that may have to be the next purchase!
In terms of moisturiser during the day I don’t use one… but I do use the serum to help reduce oils and keep my skin feeling hydrated.

7. Mask/ Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask -£15.75

For those of you with problematic skin then this mask might just be your solution!
The green clay and manuka honey help pull out any nasties that may be lurking in your skin and the rose-scented geranium gives it a incredible smell. The mask comes with two sponges to help remove the mask and when you use cleanse and polish straight after your skin feels amazing!


Well there you have it guys! A total review of all my skincare which I truly love and hope that it can give you a helping hand in the right direction! These brands are ones I adore and wouldn’t recommend unless I felt that they may help. If you have any questions/recommendations please let me know!

Lou x