Love: Livia’s Kitchen

As you try and discover a career path in life, you often face several knockbacks and a lot of ups and downs. This year, as I knew it would, I have gone through a rollercoaster of emotions as I try and settle on something that I want to do and trying to work towards it.



Searching through YouTube for another video to watch I stumbled across Livia’s Kitchen.
I recognised the products from Olivia instantly as Lily Pebbles had talked about her Crumbles, and I had seen other Instagrams of her Raw Millionaire Bites. I started to watch some of her  recipe videos and vlogs and it suddenly hit me when learning about her journey to her success. I knew already that finding your dream job or starting your own business doesn’t just come to you instantly. You have to work bloody hard, have an amazing idea, and push the limits like never before. But, seeing Olivia broadcast her highs and lows, the ups and downs, her story, the journey.. just everything put together… made me realise that I wasn’t alone in this weird and wonderful world; and if you work for something then your dreams can become a reality. I love Olivia’s positive outlook on life, showing her viewers recipe developments, how not everything goes to plan, how she works late evenings replying to emails and getting up early to start again. She also shows how she doesn’t give herself enough credit or time to just chill out. Olivia dedicates herself to her team of Elves and her brand and doesn’t stop until she reaches the top! And By Joe has she done just that!


That evening things just felt like they fell that little bit more into place. It motivated me to start researching towards something that I had dreamt of doing for such a long time, and I told myself that although I may not be where I want to be in life right now, to appreciate what I have got and create plans and dreams for the future. I have a lotta lotta respect for Olivia and love following her along on her empowering and aspiring journey. I’ve tried making her ‘guilt-free’ treats such as the peanut butter slabs which are amazingly yummy and have found her raw millionaire bites stocked at an independent coffee shop called ‘Epicure’ in Berkhamsted, which are again, so good!


I can’t wait to see where Olivia and her products go in the future, as well as aspiring to be like her as I continue my journey  on something very exciting coming up soon… so watch this space! I would highly recommend checking out her site Livia’s Kitchen and making some of her really easy recipes!

Lou x

Love: Sunskis

Love: Sunskis


Here in Britain, we are finally having some hot weather (hoorah)! And although most of us would probably use sunglasses all year round, summer tends to be the time of year that people gravitate towards buying a new pair. In previous years I have brought RayBans such as the Wayfarers and the Clubmasters, and although they have served me well I have noticed the wear and tear of them as time goes on.

This year I wanted to purchase a new pair which were polarised. With RayBan, they tend to come up more expensive as the lens is of a higher quality, and I couldn’t bring myself to pay for a pair!

Shopping with my mum, I was in Hollister when I discovered Sunskis by the accessories stand. As soon as I saw them I fell in love! They were the perfect, size, fit, and frame that I was looking for, and they were polarised. I brought them instantly which says it all, and researched about the brand as I had never heard of them.. and from that this is where the LOVE factor comes in because they go above and beyond.. are you ready!


  1. They are a small team based in San Francisco with life’s motto being ‘live life outside’. They promote friendly vibes and adventure.
  2. They make high-quality sunglasses without the ridiculous price tag!!! I have already noticed this from having them for several months and so far so good! Every pair is polarised and they use the best possible design, materials, and presentation.
  3. They are part of the 1% for the Planet campaign in which they donate 1% of their profits to benefit our planet-  really simple but effective.
  4. They also work with Adventurers & Scientists for Conservation, Save the Waves, and Leave No Trace who are all trying to make an impact on people to help save our environment.
  5. And last but by no means least, they have a lifetime warranty!!! Their BOMBPROOF warranty means that if anything happens to your sunglasses they will either try and resolve the issue with one of their kits or if there is real damage you can ship the glasses out to them, and they will try and fix them or send out a new pair! Amazing!


I have a pair of the Dipseas in Emerald Tortoise which has a slightly smaller lens and thin arms. They have certified UVA/B/400 protection with the frames being polycarbonate with a tri-spoke lock-tight hinge.

They are not gender specific (which I also love) and so anyone can wear them!
They come with a micro fibre bag as well as a crafted carrying case.
From Hollister, they range from £49-£58. If you buy them from the Sunski website they range from £36.30-£43.68 with shipping costing £18.90.


I would definitely recommend checking out their website and blog for action-packed adventures as well as to check out the full range.

Sunski Sunglasses


Lou x



A Few Of My Favourite Things, March

A Few Of My Favourite Things, March

Apart from fluffy bunnies and mini eggs at this time of year, here are a few of the things that I have loved throughout the month:


Lancôme Juicy Shaker Lipgloss- Meli Melon

This super pretty lipgloss is fun and perfect for Spring. Simply shake the petité cocktail inspired shaker to mix the colour and apply to your lips. The oil base formula contains sweet almond oil, omega 3 and cranberry oil making them smell divine!
It feels hydrating and smooth whilst adding a touch of colour. It’s non-sticky or drying and makes you want them in every shade.


Jo Malone- Pear and Freesia Cologne

This is one of my all time favourite scents that never gets old, but especially when the spring and summer comes around I wear it all the time. Smelling of ripe pears, white freesias, amber, patchouli and woods its hard to not want to spray it all over you all the time. I would highly recommend giving this a good sniff next time you’re by a Jo Malone counter.


The White Company- Lime and Bay Diffuser

Another scent inspired favourite this creates an uplifting and beautiful oasis in any room. On the website, it is described as ‘stepping into a colourful tropical garden’ with exotic mandarin, pink grapefruit, orange, lime, lemons, jasmine, and ginger to name but a few.
The White Company’s diffusers last forever and are totally worth the extra bit of money.


The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo

After just having my room redecorated and everything being moved into the spare bedroom I decided to give this a read to see if it would help declutter some of my things. At first, I was a bit sceptical and didn’t think it would really work. But. Yes. It. Does. Using her methods and ideas I have managed to get rid of so many pieces of clothes and random bits and bobs that it is actually quite difficult to have a messy space. That even includes if I can’t be bothered to make my bed. It is an actual miracle and the hype around the book is for a reason.



I have been a fan of TOMS for many many years and in March, I decided to pick up a new pair. Not only are they super cute and go with jeans and a tee perfectly; I love that everything that they do is for a good cause- one for one.
If you don’t know much about TOMS and what they do I would highly recommend checking their website out.
By buying a pair of TOMS they give a child in need of footwear a pair of shoes. They also do amazing eyewear where they give people eyesight,  bags contribute towards a safe childbirth, and coffee goes towards fresh, clean water. Their footwear is expanding all the time but they always come in handy in the warmer months.


Lou x

A Few of My Favourite Things, Feb

A Few of My Favourite Things, Feb

IMG_0940Can you believe that we are already in March! February has gone and Spring is upon us and I cannot wait for some sunshine! But before we jump into March I thought I would share some things I loved throughout February.

Jack Garratt- Phase
I recently discovered the Album ‘Phase’ by Jack Garratt from hearing the song ‘worried’ on the radio. He has also just won a Brit for Critic’s Choice Award and so decided to give the whole album a listen. If you like electric guitar, drums, keyboards, and a bit of friendly R&B electro pop then I would highly recommend giving this a listen. My choreographic brain screams MOVE because it just makes you want to dance to it and groove about. There isn’t one song on the album that I want to skip and is constantly on. I can’t recommend it enough if you like that kind of sound.


Liz Earle- EyeBright
After a long tiring day all you want to do is remove your makeup, get into your PJs and relax. After cleansing my face I use Liz Earle’s eyebright to remove any stubborn eye makeup and to also make my eyes feel refreshed, clean, and revitalized. The formula is really soothing and gentle so if your eyes are feeling tired and irritated this will instantly calm the situation.I have been using this all month by soaking two cotton pads in the lotion and pressing onto my eyes. After about 30 seconds I wipe away any left over makeup and that’s it! Pretty simple and works wonders.


Cowshed- Wild Cow Body Lotion
I have been a big fan of Cowshed for many years, and so when I looked in my stash of body lotions for a new one to use I instantly picked up the Wild Cow one! With essential oils of lemongrass, ginger and rosemary the smell is really uplifting and just puts a smile on your face. It is nice and creamy and feels luxurious on the skin. Also containing shea butter and cocoa butter it keeps your skin soft and silky for the whole day. If these scents don’t sound like your kinda thing then check out the other types of cows they have to offer.


The Body Shop- Jasmine & White Frangipani Room and Linen Spray
Sticking to the theme of relaxing my next favourite is a room spray that makes your room smell like a spa! (heart eye emoji). You only need a few spritz and your room smells heavenly. I’ve enjoyed using this after cleaning up my room and making my bed and this just ties it all together. The spitz also contains fair trade honey which is a lovely touch.



getbuzzing- banana nut free flapjack
What I love so much about these flapjacks is that they are only made from natural ingredients, and they taste amazing! When you get that peckish feeling in the afternoon this fills the spot and gives you the energy you need to survive the rest of the day. There are lots of different flavours to pick from and come in packs of three.

And that’s everything!
Hopefully, I will be able to do this every month and come up with some exciting new products,
Lou x

My Little Home Box

My Little Home Box

IMG_0817For the month of February My Little Box is all about your home. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to find when opening it up and was still unsure when I had opened it.

Although this month’s box did have lots to offer, for me, it was just a bit ‘meh’.
When opening it up this month’s quote was framed in a very pretty blue frame, and the quote was double sided. When trying to inspect the other quote the frame was quite difficult to open up and in doing so it broke. I know that for the price your not going to get a good quality frame so to speak. However, I did expect it to be a little better than flimsy cardboard.


You also received a pillow case which is double sided. The print is geometric on one side and blue with white polka dots on the other. The cushion is nice but again I don’t think the quality is that great. I would perhaps use it as a dust bag or try and find another use for it.


One thing I did really like about this month’s box was the magazine all about home improvements and interior design. I have just started an interior design course and so this has lots of cool ideas that are quite easy to achieve.


The beauty products I received were an English Leaf body cream from Mitchell and Peach, the Noxidoxi mask and peel face mask, and a morning moisturiser from My Little Beauty. If you read my post from last month’s box then you will know that I actually received the face mask in the last box so to get the same product twice in a row was a real disappointment. The body cream smells quite nice so I am looking forward to using that in the spring/summer months as it doesn’t suit this time of year, and the easy morning face cream is light and felt smooth on the back of my hand.

When looking at other people’s Instagram’s from this month’s box, I noticed that there were other products put in people’s boxes that I had already received.
Considering the amount of brands that My Little Box are associated with you would imagine that the boxes would be changed up every month but I feel like this month was a recycling process of lots of left over products from previous boxes.


And that was everything! Overall definitely not the best box in the world and I feel a bit disappointed. I decided to unsubscribe until I find out what is in next month’s box because at the moment I have received so many body creams from them I don’t know what to do with all of them!

If you are subscribed to My Little Box what do you think!

Lou x

Love: My Little Wish Box

Love: My Little Wish Box


The new My Little Box is in! YAY! And this month it’s all about what you are hoping to happen during the year ahead. This month’s box is gorgeous and I am very excited to try everything inside and show you what is in it!


As usual, when you open the box it has a quote inside. I love this one as it sets up your motivation for the year and will look beautiful on your dressing table or desk. I am looking into redecorating my room this year and want to hang up several of the quotes delivered by my little box and put them in cute frames. The way that they package up the boxes as well can’t help but make you smile 🙂


Inside there are lots of great items! There is a lovely diary, filled again, with motivational quotes for each month, a REN micellar water which I am very excited to try, a Noxidoxi face mask which you apply and peel off, a My Little Beauty lip balm, and a bracelet for you and your friends!


I love how dainty this little bracelet is as well as the ribbon being my favourite colour! There are four other bracelets that come in the box each with little quotes on. You simply rip the cardboard apart so they section up and give them out!

I think this month’s box might just be the best one yet, but, I am known to say that about everyone that comes along!

Lou x

Love: Beating the January Blues

Love: Beating the January Blues

The January Blues: IMG_0528

So you’ve made the new years resolutions, and now you have to stick to them. Healthy eating, exercising more, getting fit, travelling around the world, being more organised. These are just some of the common ones that most people think of first.

The first week is all great, and you have stuck with them, and you feel great about yourself! But then the second week of work rolls around and the cheeky chocolate biscuit with a cup of tea is ok because it’s just one.. then two.. then three. Then you skip the gym session you were going to hit because you’re too tired, and then you feel less organised and before you know it you’re back to square one.

BUT. There is hope! I have tried to come up with some ideas that have helped so far in our household!

First up food!!

Say Hello to Hello Fresh.


The main reason you start to make bad choices with meals is because there isn’t any food in the house and the easiest option when you are tired, is either a ready meal or a takeaway. Hello Fresh aims to remove this aspect from your life and delivers fresh food straight to your door with easy recipe cards to create delicious meals four nights a week. With the exact measurements for you to pour, stir, and dish-up it will keep you on track to eating healthily.

The handy website allows you to log in and track your boxes, as well as to show you what is in upcoming boxes that you can change if you don’t like the look of anything.
Jamie Oliver has also teamed up with the Hello Fresh gang so you can be sure that everything you cook tastes delicious! I have been enjoying using this service and this week we have salmon fish en croute with citrus broccoli, sausage spaghetti bolognese, turkey Milanese with mash and green beans, and teriyaki chicken with coconut rice with cabbage. Now tell me your not jealous!!
Check out the website to find out more:
You can also trial the box!




Amelia Freer- Eat. Nourish. Glow.

Whether you want to change up your diet completely, or you want to learn more about your body and the food that you are eating; this book is a great step in the right direction.
Full of easy steps and great tips Freer guides you and encourages you to ditch processed foods for more nutritious alternatives, as well as showing you easy recipes that you can create at home. It really does make you think twice about what you include in your diet that I have really enjoyed learning about it.


Adding lemons to your water not only tastes really refreshing but can do your body the world of good! Full of vitamin C it has great benefits for clearer skin, aiding digestion, and can also better your mood so is great for beating those January blues! Tom Daley has added a great video on youtube all about them which you can check out here:



If you are already bored of the gym then you aren’t going to want to continue!
Find something you enjoy doing like dance, badminton, swimming, walks, or running. By finding something you enjoy and getting active then you are more likely to stick to those new years resolutions!

Being Organised


Find a small diary that you can pop in your handbag so that you always have it on hand. By writing things down, you are more likely to remember everything that you have planned and is upcoming. Diaries are also a great place to keep track of weeks and food plans so that when you go to the shops you stay on track and don’t over buy. You can also have fun pencilling in holidays and planning ahead so that you have things to look forward to throughout the year!

So go and shake off those January blues and kick 2016 off to a great start!

Lou x

Caroline Gardner calendar and diary.








Hello, and welcome to my first post of 2016! I can’t believe we have stepped into it already, but I am so excited for the year ahead and to love, live, and learn the whole way through!

But first, last year. And a bit of an update into what’s going on…

2015 was a learning curve. Highlights include ‘Phenomenon’ the dance show, getting my Mini Cooper (heart eyed emoji), visiting Portugal, getting my MacBook, starting my blog, Center Parcs, Christmas and New Years.

It was a learning curve because of university.. and here is why:

I set myself up for University and attended Roehampton to do dance studies. I love the people I lived with and the people I was doing the course with, however, something just didn’t seem right and suddenly I just started to feel really unhappy. My Mum (thank God) picked up on this and tackled me about it and I just cried and cried and cried about how much I didn’t like it and so decided to drop out.

Sidenote: If you are thinking about dropping out of uni and you have stumbled across my post speak to everyone and anyone about what to do. Weigh up the pros and cons and if you are as unhappy as I was then do what makes you happy and get out of it. Don’t stay just for your flatmates or course mates because you won’t be with them forever. You have to be selfish and think about yourself. I beat myself up for ages feeling like I had let everyone down but everyone just wants you to ultimately be happy. On the plus side, you can go and visit whenever and you will have a whole flat to go back and see! 

Most people I have spoken to have said that dropping out is a really ‘brave’ thing to do, but I at the time could only disagree. For me, it just felt like failure and I had no idea what to do next. I’m one to not give up. I’m also known to overthink everything and so it really wasn’t a light-hearted decision and feel like it was a pretty crap time, but I am really thankful to my mum for pushing me to leave and as a result feel so much better.

So for December, I just worked and took time out. Luckily I had the opportunity to go to Center Parcs with my parents and two of my best friends and just had time to relax and take the time that I needed. It was such a fun trip and loved it so much! I also had a lovely Christmas and Birthday (yep, my birthday is on Christmas day), and saw the New Year in with friends which was such a laugh!


With the objectives to live, love and learn this year I want to explore and just have fun! My new and improved plan is to work my way up in my current job, as well as completing grades back at my dance academy to work towards dance teacher training and choreography. I also want to travel more, learn how to snowboard, blog more, and go to organic skincare classes to learn more about another passion of mine.
With these objectives, that I have promised myself to stick too, I hope for a better year that will lead on to many more!

I also just want to thank my friends and family for being so supportive in such a bizarre time in my life!

Here are some photos to sum up 2015 and something I can look back on in the future,

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!!

Lou x