Summer of Sunsets

This time last year I started my blog! How crazy is that! It’s a place where from time to time I like to share my favourite things whilst being able to look back at memories and products that I have loved and can come back to. I love coming up with creative ideas and posts and being able to share them with people.

I’m a bit gutted that the summer is coming to an end but also excited to see what Autumn has to offer compared to previous years. With the launch of my dance platform Raising the Barre I hope to spend as much time on that as possible and develop it to the best possible standards.

Over the summer I took many a photo of sunsets. I love summer evenings where the sky is still bright and dreamy and watching the sunset producing beautiful colours in the sky. Here are my top 10 from start to finish: IMG_1475IMG_1466IMG_1732IMG_1627IMG_1810IMG_1938IMG_1926IMG_1937IMG_2002IMG_2037

Lou x