As the summer begins to draw to a close we lose sight of summer bronzed, healthy looking skin. I’ve put together some of my favorite bronzers to help try and keep the illusion alive as we roll into Autumn.


Hourglass- Ambient lighting bronzer £22-£45: This gorgeous palette features one of the bronzers that are part of the ambient lighting powders. Its formula is easy to apply and blends out well to give a subtle glow and warmth to the cheeks. I’ve just seen that John Lewis has a travel size at £22 which will last you forever if you wanted to try it out.  

Tanya Burr- Peachy glow palette-£8: At an absolute bargain, this palette gives you the perfect combination to keep that summer glow going. All 3 shades are perfect together and blend out really nicely. The bronzer can be worn subtly or built up for a stronger impact.

Mii Bronzing Highlighter: The creamy formula works perfectly on top of cheek bones and gives a gorgeous glow. Layer on top of a bronzer for a full on bronzed glow. It is almost like a rose gold tint with shimmer which creates that healthy glow. It also works extraordinarily as a cream eyeshadow.


IMG_2027From top to bottom- TanyaBurr/Mii/Hourglass

Lou x

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