Love: Livia’s Kitchen

As you try and discover a career path in life, you often face several knockbacks and a lot of ups and downs. This year, as I knew it would, I have gone through a rollercoaster of emotions as I try and settle on something that I want to do and trying to work towards it.



Searching through YouTube for another video to watch I stumbled across Livia’s Kitchen.
I recognised the products from Olivia instantly as Lily Pebbles had talked about her Crumbles, and I had seen other Instagrams of her Raw Millionaire Bites. I started to watch some of her  recipe videos and vlogs and it suddenly hit me when learning about her journey to her success. I knew already that finding your dream job or starting your own business doesn’t just come to you instantly. You have to work bloody hard, have an amazing idea, and push the limits like never before. But, seeing Olivia broadcast her highs and lows, the ups and downs, her story, the journey.. just everything put together… made me realise that I wasn’t alone in this weird and wonderful world; and if you work for something then your dreams can become a reality. I love Olivia’s positive outlook on life, showing her viewers recipe developments, how not everything goes to plan, how she works late evenings replying to emails and getting up early to start again. She also shows how she doesn’t give herself enough credit or time to just chill out. Olivia dedicates herself to her team of Elves and her brand and doesn’t stop until she reaches the top! And By Joe has she done just that!


That evening things just felt like they fell that little bit more into place. It motivated me to start researching towards something that I had dreamt of doing for such a long time, and I told myself that although I may not be where I want to be in life right now, to appreciate what I have got and create plans and dreams for the future. I have a lotta lotta respect for Olivia and love following her along on her empowering and aspiring journey. I’ve tried making her ‘guilt-free’ treats such as the peanut butter slabs which are amazingly yummy and have found her raw millionaire bites stocked at an independent coffee shop called ‘Epicure’ in Berkhamsted, which are again, so good!


I can’t wait to see where Olivia and her products go in the future, as well as aspiring to be like her as I continue my journey  on something very exciting coming up soon… so watch this space! I would highly recommend checking out her site Livia’s Kitchen and making some of her really easy recipes!

Lou x

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