Here in Britain, we are finally having some hot weather (hoorah)! And although most of us would probably use sunglasses all year round, summer tends to be the time of year that people gravitate towards buying a new pair. In previous years I have brought RayBans such as the Wayfarers and the Clubmasters, and although they have served me well I have noticed the wear and tear of them as time goes on.

This year I wanted to purchase a new pair which were polarised. With RayBan, they tend to come up more expensive as the lens is of a higher quality, and I couldn’t bring myself to pay for a pair!

Shopping with my mum, I was in Hollister when I discovered Sunskis by the accessories stand. As soon as I saw them I fell in love! They were the perfect, size, fit, and frame that I was looking for, and they were polarised. I brought them instantly which says it all, and researched about the brand as I had never heard of them.. and from that this is where the LOVE factor comes in because they go above and beyond.. are you ready!


  1. They are a small team based in San Francisco with life’s motto being ‘live life outside’. They promote friendly vibes and adventure.
  2. They make high-quality sunglasses without the ridiculous price tag!!! I have already noticed this from having them for several months and so far so good! Every pair is polarised and they use the best possible design, materials, and presentation.
  3. They are part of the 1% for the Planet campaign in which they donate 1% of their profits to benefit our planet-  really simple but effective.
  4. They also work with Adventurers & Scientists for Conservation, Save the Waves, and Leave No Trace who are all trying to make an impact on people to help save our environment.
  5. And last but by no means least, they have a lifetime warranty!!! Their BOMBPROOF warranty means that if anything happens to your sunglasses they will either try and resolve the issue with one of their kits or if there is real damage you can ship the glasses out to them, and they will try and fix them or send out a new pair! Amazing!


I have a pair of the Dipseas in Emerald Tortoise which has a slightly smaller lens and thin arms. They have certified UVA/B/400 protection with the frames being polycarbonate with a tri-spoke lock-tight hinge.

They are not gender specific (which I also love) and so anyone can wear them!
They come with a micro fibre bag as well as a crafted carrying case.
From Hollister, they range from £49-£58. If you buy them from the Sunski website they range from £36.30-£43.68 with shipping costing £18.90.


I would definitely recommend checking out their website and blog for action-packed adventures as well as to check out the full range.

Sunski Sunglasses


Lou x



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