Tanya Bakes

For my Dad’s Birthday this year I decided to make a selection of biscuits and cookies from Tanya Burr’s new recipe book Tanya Bakes. I decided to do the Chocolate Chip Shortbread, Vanilla and Pistachio Biscuits, and the Salted Nutella Cookies.

All were very simple to make, and with a friend, take no time at all. There are some great recipes for loads of different abilities and most recipes can be made up with the ingredients you’re likely to have at home!


I will say, however, that I did have a couple of issues that you may need to take note if you have a go at making these recipes. With the chocolate chip shortbread, I feel like the oven was too hot at 180° as the chocolate chips were really crunchy inside (either that or the timings are wrong). With the vanilla and pistachio biscuits, we had real issues with the mixture when it came out of the fridge as it was very crumbly. Instead of following the recipe in which you cut the cylinder shape into slices; we decided to roll the mixture into  bite size balls and then press them down with a fork. Both of these recipes do taste absolutely amazing though and were very easy to do. The Nutella Cookies are out of this world good! What I love so much about Tanya though, is that the troubles that you would have at home are what she also faces in her videos! She proves that not everything has to look perfect as long as the end result tastes delicious and you had fun making it!

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 18.40.35.png

My dad was thrilled to receive them and made a lovely and special homemade gift.

Tanya’s book is full of great photographs and step by steps and I can’t wait to give other recipes a go from the Brunch section, as well as the Seasonal ones!

Tanya Bakes on Amazon.

Lou x


Sunny Salcombe

Sunny Salcombe


If ever you get the chance, I would highly recommend taking a visit down to Salcombe, Devon. Known as England’s very own Santorini, you will find endless amounts of amazing cafes, bars, restaurants, and little things to do which just pulls your little get away altogether and makes you never want to leave!

I was lucky enough to be invited down with my besties and her family as they were partaking in Merlin Rocket Week ( a sailing event which happens every year in Salcombe). Doing something like this always means that you get to see the best bits as they have tried everything and know everyone; so you’re never short of a thing to do or see, and of course, an afternoon tea! Seeing as I only like sharing with you the things I love! I wanted to share some of the amazing things I got to experience, and if you’re heading down to Salcombe anytime soon, here are the places I would truly recommend!

The main road and touristy spot is Fore Street which acts as the main hub. Here you will find shops such as SeaSalt, Cath Kidston, FatFace, Joules, Independent Boutiques, and of course the birthplace of Jack Wills.

For breakfast I would recommend Captain Morgans- they do a great Full English and sausage sandwich, or The Salcombe Coffee Shop, who do an out of this world bacon sandwich and amazing amazing coffee!



For lunch, there is a plenty! You can grab yourself a pasty, fish & chips, or a crab sandwich. Other great places include Sailor V who do smoothies and lots of different things, or there are The Fortescue and The Ferry Inn for a pub lunch! For afternoon tea go to The Ward Room which is hidden behind Crew Clothing. You get a great view over the estuary and can see all the boats going by.

For dinner definitely, check out Captain Flints! They have amazing pasta and pizza, as well as burgers and fresh fish. There tends to be a queue but the wait is worthwhile! After flints just across is The Bakehouse. During the day they are a bakery, but in the evening they turn into a Creperié. I had a Nutella and banana one! If you fancy a coastline walk which isn’t too far then I would recommend heading to The Winking Prawn for their BBQ. Walk along Cliff Road to Salcombe North Sands and you will stumble across their Beach Cafe. It is hands down the best BBQ I’ve ever had and it was lovely being sat outside, the beach next to us and watching the sunset. You even get ice cream included! There is no need to book unless you want to eat in the restaurant.


The rest of the time I spent either on land or sea watching the sailing which I thoroughly enjoyed! It really was a great week and I cannot wait to do it again!!





Lou x