Can a foundation really be magic? The hype around Charlotte Tilbury’s foundation has been overwhelming! Every blogger, vlogger, and YouTuber seemed to get it and LOVE it expressing it all over their platforms making everyone who saw it want it! But what is it that makes it so magic? And is it really worth the hype? Not owning any other products from her range I wanted to start with base products and branch out from there.

I decided to purchase the Magic Foundation in 3 fair after using the foundation finder on the website. That really is amazing and makes an online purchase so much easier! I managed to get a shade that matches my skin perfectly, as well as The Retoucher to match.


First off the packaging of course. That really is magic and sends you into makeup heaven. The bottle is clever in the way you can remove the top and uncover a pump, or you can screw off the lid and tip it out onto the back of your hand for a larger amount.

I tend to use the pump when using it. It pumps out quite a lot and is quite thick but this quickly and easily blends out when you apply it on your skin. The coverage is great leaving you with fresh, radiant, dewy skin that isn’t too glowy.


It definitely lasts all day which is a massive bonus. I have danced in it and it stays put and feels comfortable. I would also say that it does give you perfect looking skin. But, a couple of claims that I wouldn’t agree with is that you can definitely feel it on the skin when you apply it and have to wait a while before that feeling of it goes away. If not applied with a moisturiser or primer before hand I don’t feel like it blends out as well or looks right? Maybe that’s why it goes with the range of the magic creams. Despite this, I have been really enjoying wearing the foundation and applying it in the morning. If anything, it reminds me to do a cleanse, tone, and moisturise before applying my makeup. It 100% covers up redness and blemishes and gives you that perfect skin feeling. So maybe it is magic after all! It is the perfect foundation to get rid of that dull winter skin and get you feeling great for spring and summer.


The retoucher is also amazing. It is referred to as a conceal and treat stick that really does banish blemishes and uneven skin tone. It is highly pigmented with colour correction and works well with the foundation for an all over perfect finish. When applying the product I swipe it onto the skin using the pen and blend it with a brush. It very easily blends in and creates a natural yet flawless finish. I also enjoy using the concealer by itself for days where I want my makeup to be lighter and more natural.

So the ultimate answer to whether a foundation can be magic is yes. It covers all the bases that you want a foundation to do and works perfectly for day to day uses as well as special occasions. All I can say is that now I have tried some of Charlotte Tilbury’s products I want to try more!

Lou x








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