A Few Of My Favourite Things, March

A Few Of My Favourite Things, March

Apart from fluffy bunnies and mini eggs at this time of year, here are a few of the things that I have loved throughout the month:


Lancôme Juicy Shaker Lipgloss- Meli Melon

This super pretty lipgloss is fun and perfect for Spring. Simply shake the petité cocktail inspired shaker to mix the colour and apply to your lips. The oil base formula contains sweet almond oil, omega 3 and cranberry oil making them smell divine!
It feels hydrating and smooth whilst adding a touch of colour. It’s non-sticky or drying and makes you want them in every shade.


Jo Malone- Pear and Freesia Cologne

This is one of my all time favourite scents that never gets old, but especially when the spring and summer comes around I wear it all the time. Smelling of ripe pears, white freesias, amber, patchouli and woods its hard to not want to spray it all over you all the time. I would highly recommend giving this a good sniff next time you’re by a Jo Malone counter.


The White Company- Lime and Bay Diffuser

Another scent inspired favourite this creates an uplifting and beautiful oasis in any room. On the website, it is described as ‘stepping into a colourful tropical garden’ with exotic mandarin, pink grapefruit, orange, lime, lemons, jasmine, and ginger to name but a few.
The White Company’s diffusers last forever and are totally worth the extra bit of money.


The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo

After just having my room redecorated and everything being moved into the spare bedroom I decided to give this a read to see if it would help declutter some of my things. At first, I was a bit sceptical and didn’t think it would really work. But. Yes. It. Does. Using her methods and ideas I have managed to get rid of so many pieces of clothes and random bits and bobs that it is actually quite difficult to have a messy space. That even includes if I can’t be bothered to make my bed. It is an actual miracle and the hype around the book is for a reason.



I have been a fan of TOMS for many many years and in March, I decided to pick up a new pair. Not only are they super cute and go with jeans and a tee perfectly; I love that everything that they do is for a good cause- one for one.
If you don’t know much about TOMS and what they do I would highly recommend checking their website out.
By buying a pair of TOMS they give a child in need of footwear a pair of shoes. They also do amazing eyewear where they give people eyesight,  bags contribute towards a safe childbirth, and coffee goes towards fresh, clean water. Their footwear is expanding all the time but they always come in handy in the warmer months.


Lou x

Review: Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Foundation

Review: Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Foundation


Can a foundation really be magic? The hype around Charlotte Tilbury’s foundation has been overwhelming! Every blogger, vlogger, and YouTuber seemed to get it and LOVE it expressing it all over their platforms making everyone who saw it want it! But what is it that makes it so magic? And is it really worth the hype? Not owning any other products from her range I wanted to start with base products and branch out from there.

I decided to purchase the Magic Foundation in 3 fair after using the foundation finder on the website. That really is amazing and makes an online purchase so much easier! I managed to get a shade that matches my skin perfectly, as well as The Retoucher to match.


First off the packaging of course. That really is magic and sends you into makeup heaven. The bottle is clever in the way you can remove the top and uncover a pump, or you can screw off the lid and tip it out onto the back of your hand for a larger amount.

I tend to use the pump when using it. It pumps out quite a lot and is quite thick but this quickly and easily blends out when you apply it on your skin. The coverage is great leaving you with fresh, radiant, dewy skin that isn’t too glowy.


It definitely lasts all day which is a massive bonus. I have danced in it and it stays put and feels comfortable. I would also say that it does give you perfect looking skin. But, a couple of claims that I wouldn’t agree with is that you can definitely feel it on the skin when you apply it and have to wait a while before that feeling of it goes away. If not applied with a moisturiser or primer before hand I don’t feel like it blends out as well or looks right? Maybe that’s why it goes with the range of the magic creams. Despite this, I have been really enjoying wearing the foundation and applying it in the morning. If anything, it reminds me to do a cleanse, tone, and moisturise before applying my makeup. It 100% covers up redness and blemishes and gives you that perfect skin feeling. So maybe it is magic after all! It is the perfect foundation to get rid of that dull winter skin and get you feeling great for spring and summer.


The retoucher is also amazing. It is referred to as a conceal and treat stick that really does banish blemishes and uneven skin tone. It is highly pigmented with colour correction and works well with the foundation for an all over perfect finish. When applying the product I swipe it onto the skin using the pen and blend it with a brush. It very easily blends in and creates a natural yet flawless finish. I also enjoy using the concealer by itself for days where I want my makeup to be lighter and more natural.

So the ultimate answer to whether a foundation can be magic is yes. It covers all the bases that you want a foundation to do and works perfectly for day to day uses as well as special occasions. All I can say is that now I have tried some of Charlotte Tilbury’s products I want to try more!

Lou x








Easter Chocolate Mini Loaves

Easter Chocolate Mini Loaves


Easter is fast approaching and I feel like it is the perfect time to get with friends and family. I have created some yummy chocolate mini loaves with mini eggs for you to bake and enjoy together! They are super easy to make and require no effort whatsoever.. well apart from adding the ingredients together and mixing!
Here is how to make them…



Makes 12.

175g Butter
175g Golden Caster Sugar
3 Eggs
140g Self Raising Flour
85g Ground Almonds
4 tbsp Cocoa Powder
1/2 tsp of Baking Powder
100ml Milk
100g Chocolate Chunks
Mini Loaf Cases (mine are from Waitrose)


For the Icing:
140g Softened Butter
280g Icing Sugar
2 tbsp Milk
2 tbsp Vanilla Extract
Piping Bag
Piping Nozzles (optional)
Mini Eggs for decoration


1. Set the oven to 160° fan/ Gas mark 4.
Cream together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy using an electric whisk.


2. Sift in the flour and cocoa powder, and add in the eggs, milk, ground almonds, and baking powder. Mix all together until all the ingredients have combined.


3. With a wooden spoon or spatula fold in the chocolate chunks. When completed start spooning the mixture into your loaf cases. About 3 to 4 teaspoons make the perfect amount.


4. Pop into the oven for about 20/30 minutes or until completely cooked through.
Once cooked leave aside to cool and move onto the buttercream.

5. For the buttercream, whisk your butter until pale and fluffy. Then sieve in half of the icing sugar with half of the milk.

6. Add in the remaining icing sugar and milk with the vanilla extract. Beat together until your mixture resembles buttercream.

7. Pop a piping bag into a tall glass and spoon in the buttercream. If you want to use a nozzle add this before the buttercream. I decided not to use a nozzle in the end as it would give the same effect with or without. Snip off the bottom of the piping bag and push the buttercream down to get an even distribution.


8. Ice three little nests onto the loaf. Make sure your cake is completely cool before doing this. Add a mini egg on top of your nest to complete.


And that’s it! Perfect to share and bake over the Easter weekend with friends and family. They taste delicious and look so pretty!


I hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend.

Lou x

A Few of My Favourite Things, Feb

A Few of My Favourite Things, Feb

IMG_0940Can you believe that we are already in March! February has gone and Spring is upon us and I cannot wait for some sunshine! But before we jump into March I thought I would share some things I loved throughout February.

Jack Garratt- Phase
I recently discovered the Album ‘Phase’ by Jack Garratt from hearing the song ‘worried’ on the radio. He has also just won a Brit for Critic’s Choice Award and so decided to give the whole album a listen. If you like electric guitar, drums, keyboards, and a bit of friendly R&B electro pop then I would highly recommend giving this a listen. My choreographic brain screams MOVE because it just makes you want to dance to it and groove about. There isn’t one song on the album that I want to skip and is constantly on. I can’t recommend it enough if you like that kind of sound.


Liz Earle- EyeBright
After a long tiring day all you want to do is remove your makeup, get into your PJs and relax. After cleansing my face I use Liz Earle’s eyebright to remove any stubborn eye makeup and to also make my eyes feel refreshed, clean, and revitalized. The formula is really soothing and gentle so if your eyes are feeling tired and irritated this will instantly calm the situation.I have been using this all month by soaking two cotton pads in the lotion and pressing onto my eyes. After about 30 seconds I wipe away any left over makeup and that’s it! Pretty simple and works wonders.


Cowshed- Wild Cow Body Lotion
I have been a big fan of Cowshed for many years, and so when I looked in my stash of body lotions for a new one to use I instantly picked up the Wild Cow one! With essential oils of lemongrass, ginger and rosemary the smell is really uplifting and just puts a smile on your face. It is nice and creamy and feels luxurious on the skin. Also containing shea butter and cocoa butter it keeps your skin soft and silky for the whole day. If these scents don’t sound like your kinda thing then check out the other types of cows they have to offer.


The Body Shop- Jasmine & White Frangipani Room and Linen Spray
Sticking to the theme of relaxing my next favourite is a room spray that makes your room smell like a spa! (heart eye emoji). You only need a few spritz and your room smells heavenly. I’ve enjoyed using this after cleaning up my room and making my bed and this just ties it all together. The spitz also contains fair trade honey which is a lovely touch.



getbuzzing- banana nut free flapjack
What I love so much about these flapjacks is that they are only made from natural ingredients, and they taste amazing! When you get that peckish feeling in the afternoon this fills the spot and gives you the energy you need to survive the rest of the day. There are lots of different flavours to pick from and come in packs of three.

And that’s everything!
Hopefully, I will be able to do this every month and come up with some exciting new products,
Lou x