The January Blues:ย IMG_0528

So you’ve made the new years resolutions, and now you have to stick to them. Healthy eating, exercising more, getting fit, travelling around the world, being more organised. These are just some of the common ones that most people think of first.

The first week is all great, and you have stuck with them, and you feel great about yourself! But then the second week of work rolls around and the cheeky chocolate biscuit with a cup of tea is ok because it’s just one.. then two.. then three. Then you skip the gym session you were going to hit because you’re too tired, and then you feel less organised and before you know it you’re back to square one.

BUT. There is hope! I have tried to come up with some ideas that have helped so far in our household!

First up food!!

Say Hello to Hello Fresh.


The main reason you start to make bad choices with meals is because there isn’t any food in the house and the easiest option when you are tired, is either a ready meal or a takeaway. Hello Fresh aims to remove this aspect from your life and delivers fresh food straight to your door with easy recipe cards to create delicious meals four nights a week. With the exact measurements for you to pour, stir, and dish-upย it will keep you on track to eating healthily.

The handy website allows you to log in and track your boxes, as well as to show you what is in upcoming boxes that you can change if you don’t like the look of anything.
Jamie Oliver has also teamed up with the Hello Fresh gang so you can be sure that everything you cook tastes delicious! I have been enjoying using this service and this week we have salmon fish en croute with citrus broccoli, sausage spaghetti bolognese, turkey Milanese with mash and green beans, and teriyaki chicken with coconut rice with cabbage. Now tell me your not jealous!!
Check out the website to find out more:ย
You can also trial the box!ย




Amelia Freer- Eat. Nourish. Glow.

Whether you want to change up your diet completely, or you want to learn more about your body and the food that you are eating; this book is a great step in the right direction.
Full of easy steps and great tips Freer guides you and encourages you to ditch processed foods for more nutritious alternatives, as well as showing you easy recipes that you can create at home. It really does make you think twice about what you include in your diet that I have really enjoyed learning about it.


Adding lemons to your water not only tastes really refreshing but can do your body the world of good! Full of vitamin C it has great benefits for clearer skin, aiding digestion, and can also better your mood so is great for beating those January blues! Tom Daley has added a great video on youtube all about them which you can check out here:



If you are already bored of the gym then you aren’t going to want to continue!
Find something you enjoy doing like dance, badminton, swimming, walks, or running. By finding something you enjoy and getting active then you are more likely to stick to those new years resolutions!

Being Organised


Find a small diary that you can pop in your handbag so that you always have it on hand. By writing things down, you are more likely to remember everything that you have planned and is upcoming. Diaries are also a great place to keep track of weeks and food plans so that when you go to the shops you stay on track and don’t over buy. You can also have fun pencilling in holidays and planning ahead so that you have things to look forward to throughout the year!

So go and shake off those January blues and kick 2016 off to a great start!

Lou x

Caroline Gardner calendar and diary.






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