Hello, and welcome to my first post of 2016! I can’t believe we have stepped into it already, but I am so excited for the year ahead and to love, live, and learn the whole way through!

But first, last year. And a bit of an update into what’s going on…

2015 was a learning curve. Highlights include ‘Phenomenon’ the dance show, getting my Mini Cooper (heart eyed emoji), visiting Portugal, getting my MacBook, starting my blog, Center Parcs, Christmas and New Years.

It was a learning curve because of university.. and here is why:

I set myself up for University and attended Roehampton to do dance studies. I love the people I lived with and the people I was doing the course with, however, something just didn’t seem right and suddenly I just started to feel really unhappy. My Mum (thank God) picked up on this and tackled me about it and I just cried and cried and cried about how much I didn’t like it and so decided to drop out.

Sidenote: If you are thinking about dropping out of uni and you have stumbled across my post speak to everyone and anyone about what to do. Weigh up the pros and cons and if you are as unhappy as I was then do what makes you happy and get out of it. Don’t stay just for your flatmates or course mates because you won’t be with them forever. You have to be selfish and think about yourself. I beat myself up for ages feeling like I had let everyone down but everyone just wants you to ultimately be happy. On the plus side, you can go and visit whenever and you will have a whole flat to go back and see!Β 

Most people I have spoken to have said that dropping out is a really ‘brave’ thing to do, but I at the time could only disagree. For me, it just felt like failure and I had no idea what to do next. I’m one to not give up. I’m also known to overthink everything and so it really wasn’t a light-hearted decision and feel like it was a pretty crap time, but I am really thankful to my mum for pushing me to leave and as a result feel so much better.

So for December, I just worked and took time out. Luckily I had the opportunity to go to Center Parcs with my parents and two of my best friends and just had time to relax and take the time that I needed. It was such a fun trip and loved it so much! I also had a lovely ChristmasΒ and Birthday (yep, my birthday is on Christmas day), and saw the New Year in with friends which was such a laugh!


With the objectives to live, love and learn this year I want to explore and just have fun! My new and improved plan is to work my way up in my current job, as well as completing grades back at my dance academy to work towards dance teacher training and choreography. I also want to travel more, learn how to snowboard, blog more, and go to organic skincare classes to learn more about another passion of mine.
With these objectives, that I have promised myself to stick too, I hope for a better year that will lead on to many more!

I also just want to thank my friends and family for being so supportive in such a bizarre time in my life!

Here are some photos to sum up 2015 and something I can look back on in the future,

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!!

Lou x


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